Eltav - Wireless Monitoring of Valves

Wireless Monitoring: Lower Costs & OPEX

No Cables, Lower Maintenance
Simple Engineering and Installation
Predictive Maintenance of valves

Any Valve - Any Actuator!

Quarter Turn, Multi Turn, Linear and more
Pneumatic and Electric Actuators 1/4" to 108" valves

Multiple Wireless Standards

Open, Non Proprietary
2.4GHz radio, IEEE 802.15.4

Real Time Predictive Maintenance

Detects: low air pressure, sticky valve and more
Valve or actuator malfunction alerts Fewer shutdowns

Best Solution For Wireless Monitoring

Fastest response for interlocks
Predictive maintenance
Exact position indication

Wireless Monitoring Benefits

Increased Monitoring

  • Wireless enables more monitoring at lower cost
  • Real time operational intelligence
  • Monitoring of Hard-to-Reach and Hazardous environment


Return on Investment

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (no cables, JB, Conduits, etc.)
  • Fast Integration
  • Easy Maintenance


Intelligent Solution

  • Increased Automation and Efficient Operation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Audit Logging and Tracing of Manual Valves Actions
Featured Products

VD (Valve Device)

Self-powered, position sensor, wireless transmitter.

Installed on top of the monitored valve or actuator. Mechanical stem attaches to the valve or actuator.



Discrete Input Box (DIB)

Self powered, up to 4 discrete inputs, wireless transmitter

The Eltav Discrete Input Box (DIB) wirelessly transmits signals from up-to 4 connected  Dry Contact inputs, to the control system.

Analysis Tools and Software

Advanced Diagnostics allows real-time analysis of actuated valves operation


Eltav Diagnostics software, provides intelligent predictive maintenance based on the dynamic signature of the actuated valves. Valve failures are prevented.


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